About Ape

The world of tech can be a jungle

So let's work together, as partners, through it.

We're your one stop shop for all your technical and digital needs.

We're more than a managed service provider. We're not just a digital marketing agency. We're a full digital solutions agency - showing you all the tools and techniques you can adopt to better your business through the power of tech.

IT Architecture & Support

Where are your emails hosted? What's your anti-virus tool? Does your office have ample WiFi coverage? How do your teams communicate when working remotely?


These are all questions we can find answers to for you - making sure your team has the IT it needs behind it to excel. (Do you see what we did there?)

Effective Digital Marketing

Our team of marketeers work with organisations on effective marketing campaign plans - working across social media, PPC, SEM, Email, and more.


We're excited to be able to offer AdSmart from Sky, too!

Web Design & Development

Your website should sell. It should generate leads. It should make you and your brand stand out. If it doesn't do that and more, then it's not fit for purpose.


We're certified WordPress and Magento developers - meaning we develop websites that are as functional as they are good looking.

Our Core Values

Four guiding words that make us, us.


When we work with a client, or take on a new project, we're doing it to better something. We innovate new ideas and work with the latest market trends that help ensure you're always one step ahead.


We build a relationship with you that means we're teammates and colleagues as much as we are client and supplier. That means we need to build a relationship of trust - where you can trust us to add value to your business, and we trust you to have confidence in our work.

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We're good at what we do, and we get great results; we've got the track record which proves it. But there's always more to learn - which is why all our employees have training budgets to be able to learn new skills and services to deliver to clients.


Every single client that we work with is special to the business and to the team. That means we share just as much passion towards your business and results as you do - and we'll put in everything we can to make sure we both succeed, outside of just the KPIs and goals.

The Past, The Future, The Present

Where we've been, and where we're going

We don't have twenty years history behind us. But in the short time we've been around, we've made quite the impact.

Originally founded in March 2020 in response to the COVID pandemic, our original aim was to help businesses recover through the power of technology; connecting to audiences in new ways through digital marketing, and with remote working become the norm.

Now, we work solely on helping businesses and organisations reach their potential - and their audience. We show businesses how they can use technology to enhance their operations - being their one-stop shop for all your digital needs.

Some of the great brands we've worked alongside include