Email Marketing

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*their inbox, not their face

What email campaigns look like

There are 3.9 billion email users in the world (Statisia, 2019). 80% of marketers have reported an increase in the use of email marketing (Hubspot, 2020). You need to be using it too.

An email marketing campaign is an incredibly powerful part of your overall digital marketing strategy. Whether you need support creating the campaign, or fine-tuning content to boost open and click-through rates, we offer you emailing marketing services that align with what you need.

Having a plan

It all starts with the plan. What are we trying to present to the audience? What's the best format for this? It is a newsletter, an e-shot, a weekly roundup? 

The Creative

This is one of our favourite parts. We'll work with you to design engaging, and converting, email campaigns that build an audience, engage your community, and drive revenue.

3rd Party Integrations

Our technical roots mean we're able to integrate systems with other platforms - including bespoke API development where needed. What does that mean for you? We generate data. Lots of it.

Reporting and Improving

Having data and user insights is one thing - but what are you going to do with it? Our analysts love working their magic to keep things up to date - working out how we can improve campaigns and better results.

The Value of Email

Advertising can be a daunting prospect - especially when it comes to advertising on social media. At Ape Technology Solutions, we understand this, and know that when it comes to creating ads for your company, it is essential that the correct tone, call to action (CTA), and graphic is conveyed to your audience. 

We will guide you through the process, working closely with the client to develop the ad copy, graphics, defining the targeting parameters and budget.

We will then launch and monitor these campaigns as they run, providing a breakdown of key reach and engagement statistics at the end of the campaign.

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