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Get found with Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns

PPC Marketing is where you pay (bid) for your site to show on the top of SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) - such as on Google or Bing. Here's our approach:

Analysis & Discovery

Where are your competitors? Where's the demand? What will get the best ROI? We won't run campaigns on expensive keywords if we don't think you'll get a good return.

The Ad Creation

We'll make sure the copy text is effective, and inline with your company image; whilst maximising quality score.

Landing Page Optimisation

Where will the ad send the consumer? We'll make sure the landing page is fully optimised and relevant, to maximise conversions.

Reporting and Improving

We know that PPC advertising can be an investment for many people. To prove the concept works for you, we start small and build on the budget - optimising as we go.

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