AdSmart from Sky

AdSmart from Sky: targeted, affordable, measurable.

With AdSmart, the adverts you see are tailored to you and your household through location and attribute based targeting, including:

Local Authority Area

Define a target local authority area you wish to target your campaign to. 

Geo-Flex Targeting

Define a catchment area by radius, by a box, drive time, or full postcode sectors.


A powerful indicator of likely spending power, related to income and other factors.

Decision Makers

Where a company owner or director of a limited company or PLC has been identified.

Vin, AdSmart from Sky Sales Exec

Here's Vin on how it works

For years, many businesses have thought that TV advertising has been out of their reach due to its mass appeal and associated costs. AdSmart is turning that thinking on its head – making TV relevant and affordable for businesses across the UK. The beauty of AdSmart is you don’t have to track your audience by channel, time or programme; it only plays your ad when your selected audience is watching, so you can be sure every penny counts.

  • An advertiser will only be charged if 75% or more of their advert is viewed
  • Local businesses can now have an advert amongst Sky’s world class content and across Sky Sports, Sky Cinema, Sky Atlantic, Sky One and Many more
  • Prices start from as little as £3,000 or 5 pence per view
  • The advert will only be shown on the TV if the target audience is watching
Rob Molloy, Director at ally&mo media

and here's Rob on the creative

Advertising on TV has for a long time been considered the premium platform on which to promote your brand or product. It reaches the largest audience via a medium that’s a proven track record in generating awareness and sales. But this premium platform has always come with a premium price, and consequently has only been accessible to the big brands with the big media buying budgets. Until now, that is. Sky have launched a game-changer with their AdSmart offering. But even with a lower barrier of entry, there are still key considerations you need to remember when creating your commercial. From who you’re talking to and what you want them to do, to the technical requirements of delivering an advert for broadcast on TV, we will cover the essentials of producing an advert for the AdSmart from Sky platform.”

Some of the most asked questions include

Nope! They won’t be able to tell any different, although they may notice that their ads are more relevant to them.

You’ll only see the ad if your household falls into the segment selected for the campaign.

Our ads are standard length – 10, 20, 30, 40 or 60 seconds.

Absolutely! We can work alongside you and Sky to create custom segments, especially if you’ve got data at household levels.

Sky have strict processes in place to ensure the data is robust. They’ve engaged RSMB to perform an independent audit of the measurement methodology. RSMB are the market leaders in TV audience measurement design, operation, and quality control. They are responsible for auditing BARB!

It's completed in four easy steps:


Idea generation






New Leads

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